Riding theTide of Change

Tide of Change E-book CoverRiding the Tide of Change: Preparing for Personal & Planetary Transformation, by Martin F. Luthke, Ph.D.

Riding the Tide of Change is a unique book as it covers both, the metaphysical and physical aspects of preparing for the events often referred to as Earth changes. Unlike many of the metaphysically oriented books on Earth changes, Riding the Tide of Change avoids grand theories, sensationalism, or far-out speculations. And unlike most of the disaster preparedness and survival books, it explains clearly that hoarding of food and survival gear is a futile endeavor if you neglect the inner work of opening, healing, and releasing.

Based on a view of humans as, above all, spiritual beings the author explains clearly and succinctly the metaphysical laws underlying the process of manifestation and healing. He outlines the role we play as co-creators and why the healing of ourselves and the planet are intricately interwoven. Dr. Luthke explains the stages of the transformation process and gives the reader tools to advance the inner work needed in preparation for a New Millennium.

For those who wish to take practical steps towards preparing for the Earth changes, the appendix offers a comprehensive list of preparedness items and where to get them. This alone is a unique feature and more than worth the price of the book. Accessible, yet profound, Riding the Tide of Change offers a message of hope and empowerment!

What others have said about Riding the Tide of Change:

"Martin Luthke provides insight into the spiritual nature of the upcoming changes and includes a valuable preparedness resource directory for Earth changes..." Lori Adaile Toye, author, I AM America.

"This book is a forceful indictment of those somber rationalists who would change the world without changing themselves. For, as the author asserts, it is the individual that holds the
key to averting disaster... Finally, the book offers practical guidelines for preparedness and practical recommendations to help us regain control of our future by reestablishing our equilibrium in a world out of balance." W. Alexander Wheeler, Ph.D., author, The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon.

"'Riding the Tide of Change' is [...] concise, asking us to look at the whole picture in both preparing for and experiencing change. I especially like your clear definitions." Nancy Glende, author, Sharing the Course.

"'Riding the Tide of Change' is an empowering book emphasizing a positive approach to our changing times... An inspirational book that is packed with wisdom and practical exercises for expanding consciousness." Margaret McCormick, author, World Evolution: Our Future in the 21st Century.

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Chapter 1: Prophecies, Predictions, and Observations

Chapter 2: Earth Changes: A Metaphysical Perspective

Chapter 3: Understanding Our Nature as Beings of Light

Chapter 4: The Grand Scheme, Reincarnation, and Karma

Chapter 5: Co-Creation and Manifestation

Chapter 6: Earth Changes, Free Will, and Your Role as Co-creator

Chapter 7: Healing Self and Healing the Planet

Chapter 8: Healing Tools: Meditation, Prayer, Visualization, and Affirmations

Chapter 9: The Transformation Process

Chapter 10: The Issue of Preparedness


Appendix A: Practical Steps Towards Preparedness

Appendix B: Introduction to Psychoenergetic Healing

Appendix C: Suggested Readings

Appendix D: Related Publications

112 pages

ISBN 0-9656927-2-8

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