Sample "Telling it Like it Is"

Excerpts from Chapter 13

There is Only One Rule: Let the Light Love You Unconditionally

From Paul:


Karampal and I were like racehorses at the starting gate, just waiting for you to open the gate and let us in. You knew we were there, but chose to let everything and anything else get in the way until we had to come through another source to get the point across. And now that you are letting this Light in more powerfully, you are wondering why it took you so long to let it all happen.

You see, this is very typical of what you've also seen in the work you do. This ego identification business can be a real drag. I know that for sure. Many times I was given the opportunity to get out of the way and let something bigger and better carry me through a situation but I was determined not to “tarnish” my image of who I was and what I would do.

Some people thought I was pretty smart for how I did that. Others thought I was a real asshole. Now I think of it as me being a smart asshole. But I was convinced that I had all the answers. Absolutely.

That's why getting here has been so humbling for me. I knew jackshit about what was really going down. I really thought I lived in the center of the world. And actually we all do live in the center of the universe in our own world that we create. We create it. But, we create it out of ignorance. Because, see, this universe is huge. You have no idea. No idea.

It's just amazing and gorgeous beyond your wildest imagination. You are residing in a miracle and you're messing up how you can live in it because you've kept on the blinders for a very long time now. You're all picking lint out of your belly buttons and bemoaning how life is not the way you'd like it to be.

You are throwing away amazing opportunities to live completely in this gorgeous universe while you are alive. Just getting out of the way and letting this Light fill you up is the first step. It really does work.

This universe is so vast, so huge, so perfect that you've just got to believe in God or whatever you want to call it. Whatever has created all this doesn't really care at all what you call it.

This is the amazing part to me. We don't get punished here for being smart assholes while we are alive. We punish ourselves by shortchanging ourselves and living within some stupid set of rules that don't mean a damn thing once you get here.

There is only one rule here. Let this Light love you unconditionally. Let it fill you, and then radiate that out in every direction.

That's it. That's all there is to it. If everyone would take off the blinders there, war would end instantly. Suffering would end. Disease would end. Everyone would have enough of everything because everyone would be willing to share everything with everyone else. The thought of having more than someone else wouldn't even dawn on anyone.

You know, we gave a lot away, Joanne and I. But we still had more than enough of everything. Way more than enough. And everyone we knew had more than enough.

Hell, we knew people were suffering in other places. We weren't blind to that. And we shared and we cared. But now I see I wouldn't have even wanted that big house or those fast cars or any of that. But it felt good, you see, to have that stuff.

Now I see I would have felt even better if I'd given it all away.

Because you know, once you are here you realize that this was still way too much. None of it comes with you. You know that play, You Can't Take it With You. Well, that's the truth! So what was that about anyway? That was one of my rules there, though. I have to make some money when I work. Why? I don't know why.

Some actors make an obscene amount of money. Why? I actually never knew the answer to that. We really have a fun job. It's fun to act. We just don't know that while we are alive we all are acting all the time. And we take it far too seriously. Because we are afraid of everything. So, if things don't happen the way we think they should, then we get all mean and ugly and nasty. Can't do that now. Don't even want to. And I regret how many times I did that while I was alive. Looks pretty stupid now. Yet, I can't feel that way.

This compassion thing grabs hold and then I just feel this amazing love in my heart when I look at those times. And when that happens I see the whole thing healing. See, that's what I mean. This God or whatever only wants us to be filled with this love and to send it in every direction, even into anything bad that we did when we were alive.

Just heal it all and let this love fill the situation while this love fills us.

And it isn't the love you knew when you were alive where if you said “I love you” you expected someone to say that back to you or you'd get all hurt and angry.

Here, you just feel it inside you and even if no one says “I love you” back, it doesn't matter. You've got so much love inside you and the supply is never ending. So you just spread it around. That's all you want to do.

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