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Chapter 6

Earth Changes, Free Will, and Your Role as Co-Creator

In the first chapter we started out with a brief review of present and future events often referred to as Earth Changes. Many of the proposed scenarios predict a massive loss of life and extreme hardship for many. If we consider the possibilities -- and in some parts of the world, the realities -- of widespread famine, unrest, wars, erratic weather patterns with hurricanes, flooding, droughts, extreme heat or cold, severe earthquakes and the like, we are likely to feel a sense of alarm, fear and helplessness. We will address the issue of fear in the following chapters in greater detail. At this point let us ask a related question: If we do, indeed, have free will and are co-creators of our reality, is there nothing we can do to avert the predicted calamities? The answer is, yes, there is much we can contribute. The remainder of this book is devoted to outlining what each of us can do to ride the tide of change and to ease the transition into the New Millennium for all of humankind.

First, let us ask whether we can avert the transition of planet Earth into higher levels of vibration. No, we can resist it but we cannot avert it. The more we resist it, the greater will be the calamities and the rougher will be the ride, but we cannot stem the tide. Without going into any speculative detail, we can simply state that the process of transition and change slated for this part of creation is divine will, set in motion a long time ago. It has to be and it will be.

Now, where is my free will in all this, you may ask. Before we incarnated in human form we all had access to an awareness of the impending changes scheduled for this time on planet Earth. We all chose to be part of this! And there were many, many souls clamoring for a spot in the front lines, so to speak, as reflected in the unprecedented numbers of people inhabiting the Earth at this time. Metaphorically speaking, we exercised our free will by immigrating to country Earth, accepting the laws of country Earth and relinquishing part of our freedom of choice in the process. We still have the option of "emigrating" from this country, and many, indeed, will choose to do so.

Why did so many souls choose to come into a body at a time when there is imminent threat to the survival of many? As stated before, the path to soul growth -- what we called the curriculum in the school of life -- is determined by a being's Higher Self. The Higher Self is primarily interested in growth rather than comfort. One of the two principal avenues towards soul growth involves the balancing of karmic debts -- which are the consequences of past choices. Many souls have chosen to balance their karmic debts through suffering or disembodiment. For this we have to understand that our Higher Self is totally aware of our eternal nature. Our totality knows that death as we perceive it in human form is an illusion. It knows that we have had many lifetimes and many bodies and that leaving a body behind is not any more traumatic for the soul than taking off our clothes would be for the body. The body is like a garment for the soul, a vehicle designed to experience this plane of reality, but it is not an end in and of itself.

The second principal avenue towards soul growth is the pursuit of growth itself. Since the current times are characterized by a quickening of vibrations and accelerated change, there now is significantly more soul growth possible in a much shorter period of time. The learning that may have taken several incarnations during other periods may now be accomplished in only one lifetime. In other words, we are like surfers taking advantage of a huge tidal wave for a swift and exciting ride into greater growth and expansion. Given that we cannot stem the tide, we may as well enjoy the ride and try to get as far ahead as we can.

So far we have talked about Earth Changes as if this were some powerful force, like a tidal wave, to which we can only react but cannot really influence. But this is a very incomplete picture. Let us recall two of the basic premises spelled out in earlier chapters: (1) All is connected to everything and there is no real separation between that which is "us" and that which is "not us."  (2) The human energy field operates like a powerful antenna, simultaneously receiving and transmitting energies at all  times. If we consider the implications of these assumptions, it is only logical to assume that we do, indeed, affect the energies presently flowing into the Earth's energy field.

Principally, we may either resist or assist the influx of higher-vibrational energies. Or, in other words, we may align ourselves either with the forces of contraction or expansion. In reality, of course, humans are complex and we all carry both tendencies within us. For the sake of simplicity, let us consider these two possibilities. If we resist the tidal wave, we are contributing to disharmony and conflict which will ultimately lead to the destruction of our physical form, either through disease, violence or disasters. However, if we open ourselves to higher-vibrational energies, we can benefit from the healing power of the Light. The more Light we carry, the more we can radiate these frequencies across the Earth plane. Thus, beings of Light who have opened themselves to these higher-vibrational frequencies become conduits or vessels for the Light, facilitating the influx of ever increasing currents of Light. And indeed, the Earth is populated by thousands, if not millions of light-bearers who have agreed to facilitate the transition process by functioning as entry points for these energies. As the "ground crew," these light-workers are an integral and pivotal part in the transition process, easing the birth pains of the New Millennium through their spreading of the Light. These human beings work in collaboration with higher-vibrational energies and beings, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. At this point there are many more than "a thousand points of Light" actively at work and ever more are awakening each day. It is my hope that this book will contribute to the awakening process.[...]

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