Sample "Fourth Dimension..."


Chapter 1

The Past No Longer Applies

You are living in a time of great change for your planet Earth and all who reside upon her. In fact, you have entered a new world, a new reality that we shall call the fourth dimension, for want of a better term. Of course, this cannot completely describe the new world that has opened up for you, but it is a useful term that allows you a greater awareness of what is presently occurring for you.

To introduce the term “fourth dimension,” let us say that what you are reading on this page appears in two dimensions, the objects in the world around you appear to your physical senses in three dimensions, and what you can now perceive and know that is not so easily apparent to your physical senses is fourth-dimensional in nature. In time, however, you will be able to more easily perceive this dimension. This would include all that you might previously have called phenomenal, extrasensory, or even magical. What is happening for all humans -- and none is exempt from this experience -- is that the world you have always known is dissolving rapidly now. Very rapidly indeed. Concepts and precepts that you have all held dear and true, and which have appeared to be tried and true for millennia, are no longer so.

To illustrate this point, may we take an excellent example of a time-tested third-dimensional concept, the concept of “war.”  For millennia now, human beings have waged war within a framework of certain assumptions that have been dear to them. Part of the rule book of waging war has been the concept of occupying the land of  the vanquished with a great and terrible force, and thereby subduing, conquering and oppressing the original occupants of that land as you claim it for your own. During your last global war this concept still held true; the victorious powers laid to rest those who had attempted conquest and made the world “safe” once more with the tools of mass destruction and brute force.

Since that great global war, however, nothing has been quite the same. Indeed, what has happened as humanity has opened to its Light is that you can no longer win a war as you once did. You can no longer go in with brute force and conquer another land and its people. Instead, now you must take into consideration the brilliance of the Light that flows through each inhabitant of the land you are trying to conquer. You have to be aware that if the consensus of the inhabitants and the Light they carry is not in agreement with your act of brute force, you will not win that war. All the force you can manufacture in your third-dimensional world will never prevail over the fourth-dimensional energies of Light that are now flowing through all of humanity. This is not an edict that we state, this is simply what is so.

War is a third-dimensional concept. It has outlived its usefulness as a tool of the willful ego-mind of humans. If we may be so bold as to extrapolate, every institution that currently guides your existence is based on third-dimensional concepts that you, who are now evolving rapidly into a new species, will no longer find useful and will wish to eliminate in favor of new ways of being. What will replace the outmoded concepts and institutions will be very simple, in contrast to the world in which you have lived.

We offer you a new perspective, which you might find useful in dealing with your new world as we welcome you to it. This new world is accessible to you now; it is characterized by peace, harmony, balance, joy, unconditional love, and most important, an abundance of Light.

Now, you may ask, “If I am observing a world filled with pain, suffering, war, lack and all sorts of unhappy circumstances, how can you tell me that I can instead live, here and now, in the world of the fourth dimension that is peaceful, harmonious, balanced, joyful, loving and in an abundance of Light?” This does not make sense to the human mind, does it? Yet we will tell you that this is so.

This new publication is designed to teach you the tools that you, each and every one of you, can use to find this new world. And as always, the journey begins within.[...]

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