Sample "Beyond Psychotherapy"


Chapter 5

Toward a New Paradigm of Healing

This book is about “healing,” and it is time to examine and define what this means from a metaphysical perspective (the clinical and technical details will be discussed in the main body of this book). Healing simply means to shift the balance of energies within an energy field (human or otherwise) toward harmony and higher vibrations, or, conversely, to reduce the prevalence of disharmony and lower vibrations. As there are no “empty spaces” in an energy field, one shift goes hand in hand with the other.

Having given this fundamental definition, we can move on to some basic points about healing:

 (1) All illness and dis-ease, be it mental, emotional or physical, is an expression of an energetic imbalance or disharmony. As all manifestation “steps down” from the subtle to the denser levels of vibration, the presence of a disease indicates an imbalance on the subtle levels.

 (2) Healing is a manifestation of increased balance and harmony; as with all manifestations, it, too, originates on the subtle planes. There is no essential difference between physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing.

 (3) Higher levels of vibration are more harmonious and thus more healing than lower levels. Higher vibrations can be experienced as love, joy, peace, happiness, forgiveness, gratitude, bliss, etc. Lower vibrations are associated with the experience of anger, depression, fear, guilt, shame, greed, etc. The highest levels of vibration are customarily called the spiritual levels.

 (4) Effective healing occurs when a more harmonious energy field interacts with a less harmonious frequency, resulting in a transmutation from lower to higher frequency.

 (5) An effective healer is someone who channels or emits more harmonious energies and facilitates the transmutation process. Likewise, an effective healing agent is something that emanates more harmonious energies (such as an undisturbed natural environment), something we charge with thoughts of healing (such as a medication or a placebo), or something that contributes to a greater degree of balance (on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level). Effective treatment aims to transform the barriers that were put in place between lower-vibrational energies (for instance, fears) and higher-vibrational energies such as trust or peace, so that the latter can transform the former.

 (6) Not all treatment is healing, and not all healing results from treatment. All we need to do to achieve healing is to allow the perfection that already exists on the highest levels of our being to “percolate” down to the level that holds the imbalance. Ultimately, all healing is self-healing.

 (7) All healing is possible. If we think of the physical, emotional and mental bodies as clouds of “patterned” energies, there is virtually no limit to the creation of harmony. In other words, nothing is “written in stone,” as all is in flux and constantly changing, similar to clouds in the sky.

 (8) Healing may take many forms; it is unique for each individual and situation. The healing process occurs on many levels simultaneously. Although we often have preconceived ideas about the desirable outcome, our human minds are not equipped to accurately judge the outcome of a healing process as “success” or “failure.”

 (9) Healing is an ongoing process. Just as our physical cells are continuously breaking down and continuously being repaired, so is energetic healing a never-ending process. The notion that you are either healthy (i.e., health defined as the absence of any diagnosable disease), or sick (defined as the presence of a diagnosable disease) is simplistic and mistaken. Emotional, physical, or energetic health is a matter of degree, not an either-or dichotomy.

 (10) Given humanity’s level of evolution at this point in history, all of us carry a certain degree of imbalance and disharmony, reflected in a disturbance of the flow of subtle energies throughout the human energy field. Thus, all of us are in need of healing, on one level or another.

As we stated earlier, our corner of the universe and all that is within it are moving toward a higher level of vibration, which makes higher-vibrational frequencies ever more readily accessible. Future advances in the healing arts will be achieved most effectively by using those energies in a systematic manner that hold the greatest healing power, such as love, joy, peace, forgiveness, gratitude, bliss, and other spiritual frequencies.

 We predict that during this period of transition, we will be observing more and more illnesses and dis-eases that will not respond well to treatment limited to gross material frequencies, such as the prescription of pharmaceuticals. As the health care establishment will find itself increasingly overwhelmed and impotent, practitioners who use higher-vibrational approaches to healing will be increasingly in demand. [...]

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