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Chapter 4

The Light is a Form of Love

This is a very difficult concept for most human beings to comprehend. The word "love" as it is understood by most individuals is not at all the word we would use to describe the qualities that inform "Light" and allow it to do its work in humans. Because most humans to this time in history upon your planet have not allowed themselves a true awareness of the Light that is within them, and the properties it possesses, no words have been created that can fully express the meaning behind the Love we are discussing here.

Suffice it to say that once you open yourself and allow an awareness of this Love, an actual experience of it, you will know and understand. Of course, the beings you call Jesus Christ and Buddha, as well as many others, have experienced this love and tried to express to others what this could mean for them if the experience were allowed. We do not say this to condone any particular faith. We cannot do that. We merely give two prominent examples of men who chose to gain their full awareness and then tried to share the experience of this with others. They both encouraged their followers to indeed follow their paths and know this Love for themselves.

By allowing yourself the space and time to meditate, allowing the mind to quiet and breathing in the Light, you afford yourself the opportunity to have just such an experience. Those of you who have chosen to be healers can then share the knowledge of this experience with others, and encourage them along their path of opening to the same experience.

 So, what are the qualities of this particular Love that makes it such a useful experience for humans? First and foremost, by employing the Light in your meditations, and allowing the healing processes to occur, you will automatically begin to understand how to love yourself. This Light that you will be utilizing is there for everyone to use. It is indiscriminate in its desire to be of service to everyone. It does not understand differences between human beings, whether one has been bad or good, successful or a failure, brilliant or prone to error. It cannot judge. It merely wishes to bathe and permeate this planet with its Light.

The Light also expects nothing in return for the gifts it gives. No reward, no honor, nothing is desired or requested in return for being allowed to flow through your being and be part of your awareness. The more you allow this flowing, the more you allow yourself this awareness, the more Light you will become aware of that is available for you to use to continue to stay healed and whole, and then to share with others as you grow in this awareness.

This Light then can change the way you choose to love, if you allow it. And in changing the way you choose to love, your healing of self progresses even more rapidly and comprehensively. Please allow yourself a few moments to comprehend what has just been shared with you.

If the Light has no expectations, expects nothing in return from you for the privilege of flowing through you unencumbered, so that it may bathe your being in Light and healing, giving you the most wondrous awareness, how then could it do anything less for another being?

The Light does not ask for qualifications before it bathes you in its radiance, nor is it concerned that there will be enough of itself to fill you. It is not concerned with whether it will receive Light in return after it has invested itself in you. By filling your being ever more completely with its radiance, it automatically replenishes what it has given away. It needs nothing in return.

By allowing this Light then to fill you and knowing a true experience of it for yourself, whatever that may be, you come to an awareness that you no longer need be afraid to love others as you are being loved-- without condition or fear. You find a freedom to be whole and complete within self, needing nothing more from another to feel this wholeness and completeness. This seems quite wondrous to comprehend. But we ask you to believe that it is true. It is truth.-          

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