Sample "Angels..."


Chapter 3

How do I Begin to Contact the Beings of Light?

Ask them for help. It is a simple truth. It is the human mind that chooses to complicate matters. The questions that come to your human mind upon hearing such a simple truth will be numerous. And, depending upon your history from this and other lifetimes (for indeed, you have lived other life times), you may choose to throw as many roadblocks in the way as you can create, consciously or unconsciously. You will ask: Whom do I ask? How do I ask? When do I ask? We will answer these questions in due time. The question, however, that will prove the most compelling is: How will I know that they have heard me and that they will respond?

The last question also may be the one that causes the most difficulty. Even if we tell you everything that you will ever need to know in order to access these benevolent beings -- and we shall endeavor to do this -- you will still wonder from time to time just how you can know that you have actually accessed this beautiful Light. You will ask more questions:  Is this my imagination? Can I trust this experience? Will there be some sign that is undeniable proof? Will others understand if I try to share this experience, or will they just think me mad?

You will not be the first human who has ever asked such questions. Many brave souls before you have seen visions, heard voices, and tried to validate what has happened to them by sharing the experience with others. Some have then been labeled mad, others have been persecuted, and still others have simply been called fools.

None of this is what you truly desire, yet something has compelled you to look at this book. Why? Could it be that somewhere inside you, you do know the truth? That truth is inviolable. Even if others might call you mad, you must find the answers for yourself. And we congratulate you for wanting to know. [...]

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