Sample "Illusions of Aging & Dying"


Chapter 2

A New Day

As we have said, beloved children, as time passed on your human plane on Mother Earth, you and all who resided here chose to forget the true nature of Infinite Source as the loving Being who nurtures all life, and chose instead to believe that human beings must have ultimate control over all of creation. In recent times, this has become the concept of “scientific progress.” This is, however, not the first time that human beings have come to a place of believing that they had conquered nature with “scientific progress.” Oh no, beloved children, this has happened before. Many of you who lived through a time of great cataclysm for Mother Earth are here again, per your karmic agreement, to see whether you wish to learn from past experience.

You see, beloved friends, there was a time of great peace and prosperity on your plane, when vast oceans and land masses were placed differently from what you perceive on your planet at this time. You have called this the age of Atlantis, and there are stories about this time in your ancient literature. These stories have talked of a land where humans became “scientifically” advanced and chose to challenge and reshape creation in accordance with their own whims -- much like what you are observing on your plane at this time.

In this time before time their adventures led to a great cataclysm for Mother Earth as well as centuries of devastation for all life that lived here. Your scientists have seen the effects of this time and have posited many theories regarding the origins of that which you have called magnetic shifts, ice ages, and so forth.

We are here to tell you, beloved children, that your plane is on the precipice of another great change as a result, once again, of the human desire to control this beautiful creation with “scientific progress.” What is being chosen this time, however, is an awakening of spirit within a vast majority of humans who lived through the previous cataclysm and who have returned now to balance their karma from that time. You have chosen to be part of that awakening, or you would not be reading this publication. You have been drawn to learning of your past and wishing to be part of the new day that is dawning for all of humanity and creation.

As a part of that awakening process, you will choose to let go of all the illusory fears that have held you in stasis for so long. You wish the veil to be lifted from your eyes so that you can finally see reality and know that life, all life, is perfect as it is, without the influence of human intervention.

Mother Earth is awakening also. That is why her frequency is increasing so rapidly at this time. Your planet and all who ride on her back are moving into a time when all will be awakened to knowing the true nature of Infinite Source.

First, however, we wish you to understand that there have been no mistakes. No one is to be blamed. We are not asking you to correct anything that was wrong or bad. We ask you to understand that you were and are still participants in a grand adventure on your planet. This adventure was to explore the world of gross material form at its lowest density and frequency. That you have done. Humanity has tried every possible combination of experiences while in bodily form.

You are asked to have compassion for yourselves and all who dwell here for what has been chosen on your grand journey into this creation. It was a time of ignorance, not knowledge. Now you are awakening to a wisdom that replaces all knowledge. Now you are wishing to cherish all of creation and move with it, not as an act of domination, but as an act of loving and accepting the beautiful gift that has been given to you by Infinite Source.

This will be a very different experience for all who choose to know and accept that change is occurring on your planet at this time. However, many may not choose to awaken to this change. Indeed, you may find yourself wanting to “correct” the course of others around you. We would ask you instead to trust that those who choose to awaken will awaken, and that Infinite Source will love all, no matter what choice is made.

There is no heaven or hell, beloved children. In truth, there is only the compassionate loving Light of Infinite Source, and that remains always available to everyone and everything. That Light is eternal. As are you.

And so a new day is dawning for all of creation, and all will be affected by this change through the frequencies of healing and transformation for all and everything. You are asked to awaken now, beloved children. We are here to help you on your journey.[...]

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