Sample "Affirmations..."


Chapter  3

What are Thought Forms?

Now, we have discussed with you the very bare bones of the Principles of Manifestation, and have stated in them two concepts: Thought Forms and Affirmations. As this is the actual title of this publication, you are probably quite right in wondering what these terms actually mean.

Thought forms are what you are continually thinking, whether you are aware of it or not. Every day, there is a running commentary occurring in your mind that sometimes correlates to what is occurring in your life, and other times is merely the hum of the conscious mind whirring in the back-ground of your life. Every thought becomes a form -- an energy form. Depending on the caliber of the thought, it will assume a certain vibrational frequency that actually creates the form. Now, beings with developed psychic abilities can actually see some of these forms as they are being created, and/or attached to the auric field (energy field) of the individual creating them. Yes, your thoughts, unless otherwise dealt with, will become attached to you and be part of your auric field, the energy field that permeates and surrounds every being upon the planet.

So, what we are saying is that every thought you think contributes to the energetic field surrounding and permeating your physical body. And what we also say is that on some level, you know what this auric field, or energy field is composed of, and so does everyone around you. You have all said, at one time or another, I really like to be with that person, she or he is nice to be with, or I don't like to be around that person because it is not comfortable. That is your psychic sensitivity responding to the auric field of another.

You also are aware that some days are good days, and you feel fine, and other days you do not feel quite as well. At different times of a day, depending on many variables, you will “feel” differently with no apparent reason for the change. But the energy field that permeates and encompasses you is sending you signals, vibrational signals, and this is, indeed, what you are responding to.

Suffice it to say, very simply, you are what you think. Every aspect of your physical body will respond to what is issuing from your thoughts, and what is affecting you from the thoughts around you. Your scientists are discovering the mind-body connection even as we write these words to you. You can find much literature from your scientific community now to corroborate what we are telling you. So we will not belabor the point. We simply wish you to understand as thoroughly as possible that every thought you have affects you more profoundly than your conscious mind can imagine.

It is therefore most important to understand that you are what you think so that you can then begin to apply the tools we will offer you to create with your thinking that which will transform and heal you, if this is your wish and desire. It can be done with diligence and vigilance. [...]

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