Sample "About Karma"

Excerpt from Chapter 1

The Concept of Karma

By Karampal Singh

The concept of karma is at the root of the ancient teachings initially written in Sanskrit  thousands of years ago. It is a concept that actually predates the  existence of humans upon this planet. For all who live here now have  come from other portions of creation, and embodiment upon Earth was not  the first incarnation for any who reside here. Yes, we have all come from somewhere else. All. This includes every living thing on your Earth. This was  surprising for me to realize as well once I understood the vastness of  this concept. Planet Earth was not the first act of creation by the  Creator Source, that which I called Brahma in my last lifetime.

You have called this concept Infinite Source at the urgings of the Ascended Beings. That is an excellent term also.  We can use that term here for the sake of brevity. But do be aware that any term we use is limited because that which has created everything is beyond description. That  is why in the Hebrew scriptures, it is not even written and is never  depicted in any way. This is true, as you remember, in the Hindu  tradition as well. There is no depiction of Brahma. The Muslims adhere  to this principle also. How do you describe the indescribable?

So, please keep this in your awareness as I continue here.

Leia [Linda] remembers how, when we first met and I began to describe the  concept of God in various religious traditions, that she was enchanted  by the vastness of my knowledge of these matters. But I will tell you,  Leia, what I knew then compared to what I know now is completely beyond  your comprehension. There simply are no words to describe how I have  seen the Creation continue. For it does continue.

The first fundamental rule to learn is that nothing that exists has never not existed, nor will anything ever cease to exist. It changes form, most certainly. But all the atoms, which are the  building blocks of creation, are eternal structures that just reassemble in various ways as they continue existing.

So, now you may be sitting in a chair, at the computer typing away on a  machine and think that someday you will die, the machine will fall  apart, and maybe this will even happen to the chair. Maybe so. But even  if that does happen, you and all that created the chair and the machine  will still exist.

So, what guides the process of reassembling these atoms?

Ah! That is what we call karma. The wheel of life -- that which cycles through creation and creates the assignments of atoms into different forms. Now, what you may find to be even more interesting is that even your chair and machine have karma!  You'd like to think of these things as inanimate objects without any  consciousness other than that which you've programmed into the computer. But your scientists now know that this is not true. They are busily  looking for the "God particle," or that which you'd call the "first  cause." And what have they done to look for this? Created "atom  smashers" to look at the particles that create the atom to see how they  function outside of the atomic system. And what have they discovered?  That these particles appear to take on a consciousness when they are  observed.

Why might that be so? Because the atoms agree to participate in our karmic  drama and form what we need to dance and play in the third dimension as  you live on Earth. They become what we need in order to fulfill our  karmic agreements while we are on Earth. That is their karmic agreement.

It is very interesting to realize this.

So, how did you arrive at all those karmic agreements with your world  there? How did you decide on your body, your parents, your children,  your mates, and your life? How did you decide to assemble all these  atoms in a certain way?

Well, you had a great deal of help. And Paul [Newman] would like to explain  this further to you. He's enjoyed learning about these factors. It has  been exciting for him to realize that being a "powerful movie star"  wasn't the only way that power was manifesting in his world. Just as the fact that I came from a powerful civilization, and you and Martin did  also, was not really the most important factor to consider in our  lifetimes.

There is something far more important to pay attention to, far more important! It is called the balancing of life as we traverse the wheel of karma. It is why we continue to be born somewhere in Creation. For Creation must remain in balance in order to  continue to exist. It is why the stars do not fall out of the sky. They  are in karmic balance also. All Creation continues to exist as it fulfills the act of karmic balance.

And you are the one who agrees to participate in this karma. You know it is essential to existence. You know this in the very core of your being.  We are just reminding you here

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