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Katie, Krishnamurti, and The Beloved

Dear Friends,

As many of you may know, I just returned from a one-week visit with our  two sons and their families in California. It had been a year since my  last visit. A few weeks before departure I suffered a stress fracture in my foot and for a while we weren't quite sure if this trip would  actually be possible. But once the family in California found a wheel  chair for me, I was literally "ready to roll."

Seeing our children and grandchildren was a joy-filled experience. The love  that permeates their lives is breathtaking. Our granddaughters, Janie  and Katie, are surrounded in a nurturing cocoon of love and they are  blossoming. Both girls are creative and artistic with wide-ranging  interests. Of course, Grandmas have bragging rights.

Janie will be eight in April, but she is emotionally mature beyond her age.  Her reports from school are glowing. Her teacher finds her an adept  pupil, but more importantly, she is always helpful and considerate of  the other students' needs and therefore well liked by everyone in the  class.

This was, however, my visit to really get to know Katie who is now four and a force to be reckoned with. Katie took it upon herself to instruct me in the world of tiny creatures. When we embarked on a visit to the zoo, I  asked Katie what she wanted to see. "The snails, Grammy." Needless to  say, the insect pavilion was her favorite spot!

But here is the story that woke up Grammy.

Partially due to the jetlag I needed to take a nap each day. During this time, I  would meditate and ask for continued healing of my physical form. I was  frustrated that I could not move around more than I was doing, and have  had an ongoing debate about just letting this physical form go and  enjoying the blessings of totally being in the Light.

Sweet Katie decided to join me in the bedroom while I was resting. She was playing quietly with her toys and then said: "Grammy, I don't want you to die. You are so sweet!" This statement took me  totally by surprise, since she'd read my mind. Also, she and I have had a couple "moments" that weren't all "sweet." But there it was. Katie  thought Grammy was sweet and wanted her to stick around.

So I asked Katie why she was thinking I might die. (This is a child who  mourns every dead snail she sees on the sidewalk, so death is something  she has thought about.)

"Well, Grammy, you are old and old people die," was the succinct response.

I then informed her that everyone dies someday, but I would always be  with her as a guardian angel. This answer appeared to satisfy her, and  she moved on.

= = = =

I have been reading a biography of Krishnamurti by Mary Luteyns.

Krishnamurti was born in India at the beginning of the last century. His father  brought the family to the Theosophical Society headquarters where he  worked as a secretary. Krishnamurti and his brothers weren't well cared  for since their mother had died.

One day, as the boys were bathing at the beach, the clairvoyant Charles  Leadbeater saw Krishnamurti who was then 10 years old, and was astounded by his aura. He had never seen a human so Light-filled. He decided  immediately that this was the reincarnation of Christ that the  Theosophical Society had been seeking and persuaded the father to allow  him and Annie Besant, who was the president of the Society, to raise  Krishnamurti and his brother Nitya.

The boys were initiated into the Society and became adept students of  metaphysics. They were educated in England and France and toured the  world as Krishnamurti's gifts developed. By the time he was a young man, he had a world-wide following of hundreds of thousands of people, all  believing he was the reincarnation of the Christ spirit.

He was in all the news media of the time and celebrated and lauded  wherever he went. Because he was a charismatic figure who spoke  channeled messages, it was not difficult to see how he engendered such a following. But Krishnamurti was profoundly unhappy with the adulation.

Eventually, he broke with the Theosophical Society stating that he was not to be  followed, worshiped, or adored. He explained that what he had found in  his deep meditations, everyone already had within them. He called this  Light "The Beloved." He devoted the rest of his life to teaching others how to find this Light that they already possessed within  themselves. This became his profound mission.

= = = =

While I was with our children in California, I told the story of Krishnamurti to them and found that simply speaking of "The Beloved" brought us all  great peace.

Katie and Janie have "The Beloved" in them. It is palpable. Their parents are dealing with all the stresses that young families face, and so finding a way of relating to this love that fills all of us in every moment was  helpful. They share their love easily with the children, but I wanted to help them feel this love for themselves as well.

Krishnamurti had all the adulation any human could ever want, but he found the simple truth within was all he ever desired.

Life can give us many opportunities to forget how loved we are - and to  remember! Katie helped me to remember that the energy of "The Beloved"  is all we need. We can stay in human form and treasure life as it is, as we let this energy love us and show us how we are loved.

Many Blessings of Love and Light,

Linda and Martin



You Already Have What it Takes

By the Ascended Master St. Germain

Dear Beloved Friends,

Thank you for requesting our aid as you move through these ever increasing  frequencies of Light that are filling your Earth plane at this time.

Leia and Manalus [Linda & Martin] were recently guided to watch a program about the life of a great man who was called John F. Kennedy in his last life.

They learned during this program that this man suffered many health  challenges beginning when he was a baby that left him seriously  debilitated throughout his life. And yet few knew of his constant state  of suffering and periodic physical exhaustion.

Leia met this man when she was a young woman and never forgot how  Light-filled his form was. She has never seen a human since who glowed  so fully with this Light. After watching the program, she knew  immediately that it was this Light that carried him through all his  physical challenges so that he might fulfill his mandate while in human  form.

His major reason for incarnating was to avert a nuclear holocaust and begin an opening for equality for all humankind. Once these goals were  accomplished, and he had fulfilled his physical karma he left the Earth  plane never to return. He is an Ascended Being.

What we are telling all who read this message is that each of you carries this same powerful Light.

None of the emotional or physical blocks that are currently manifesting in  your forms can overcome this Light. As we have said frequently, the Light always wins.

And so it is in each and every case you may encounter, either within self or in another.

The confusion lies in the desire of the ego mind to still believe it is  more powerful than this Light and can control how it is utilized.

Leia and Manalus have assumed that the work they do must be tiring because the demands appear greater than ever before.

We are asking them to know and trust that as the demands increase, so does the power of the Light they are carrying. The same is true for each and every one of you.

If you are uncomfortable with physical or emotional challenges, it is  because this Light is seeking to fill your being without encumbrance.

The real challenge for you then is to let go of assuming that your ego mind must be involved in creating the healing you seek.

Let go of even seeing yourself in need of healing.

This man, John F. Kennedy was told from his youth that his illnesses were  life threatening. He was told he would not have long to live if he  ignored the challenges of his form and continued to pursue his  activities without respite. He didn't listen to this worldly advice and  his accomplishments were notable.

We ask each of you to first and foremost listen with your heart to your  Light and know that the answers and solutions to all your challenges as  well as the challenges of those in need who come to you will be found  within this Light that is flowing through you now.

It is all within you now.

And so, dear friends, there is no need to fear that you will be overwhelmed or unable to handle any challenge you will find upon your path at this  time.

In all the recent history of humanity, you have never been so well endowed to serve the Light and be served by the Light.

Leia has allowed herself to notice that when she surrenders to this Light  and allows it to guide her, healing unfolds not only for her, but for  those around her.

Simply by breathing and invoking the Golden-White Light of Infinite Source,  much is accomplished with minimal effort. As she listens to her Light,  she is then guided to know what else she may do that will utilize this  powerful tool in service to herself and others.

The Light transcends time and space. Thus, she need not be in close proximity to another in order for the Light to be effective.

What you may call miracles is more possible than ever before. But truly,  these are not miracles it is simply allowing the Light to be of service  to you as you are in service to the Light. The more you open to this  powerful Light, the more it will be available to you.

You may trust this to be so.

Many Blessings to one and all.

St. Germain



You Are the Light You Seek

By the Ascended Master El Morya Khan

We have been offering a series of lessons to aid  Leia [Linda] and Manalus [Martin] in more fully aligning to these heightened  frequencies of Light that are now filling the Earth plane. Leia and  Manalus have been most generous in accepting our support along with that of the multitude of beings of Light who have gathered to support all  and everything residing on this plane as you shift to the higher  frequencies that are now available.

What we have sought to clarify in recent days is that although we are most  grateful to be of service to you, we are not the final source of Light  that you will seek to be fully open and connected to: the Light of  Infinite Source.

That Light resides within each and every one of you and in all that exists on your plane.

You have often thought that there is someone outside yourself who is more  powerful and worthy of your adoration. This is, of course, the  foundation of all your world's religions.

But every great teacher who has become the symbol of a faith has counseled  you to go within and find the powerful Light within self.

This information is available in the texts of all your faiths.

But when humans chose to lead these faiths, they expunged this information or distorted it to hold power over you.

Now we are counseling you to take this power back.

Even though Leia and Manalus have received this counsel frequently  throughout our years of collaboration with them, it has still seemed  more reasonable and easier to seek our guidance and that of the other  beings of Light than to go within and pursue a deeper and more powerful  connection with their own Totalities, their own Light.

Most certainly, we are here to assist you and aid you in this process. But we are not the final destination; that resides within you.

When Leia and Manalus recently connected to the one you now call Pope Francis and felt the power of his Light, they were quite elated. Then they had a connection with the one you call Thich Nhat Hahn and once again felt inspired and joyful at this connection.

Yes, there are many beings of Light - with or without a human form -- with  whom you can and will connect as you open further to your Light. But we  encourage you not to be distracted by these experiences. Embrace and  connect with all who carry great Light on this and the higher planes and then, go within once more and realize that you carry this same powerful Light within self.

Leia is finally feeling able to embrace this awareness more easily. It is  part of what is creating the healing process within her human form  [referring to an easing of her physical symptoms].

An idea has come to her from her Light: She has been asked to first and foremost serve her own Light.

Now, this may sound like a fairly selfish and egotistical concept to  embrace. What you may wish to do before you embark upon such a program  is to sit in meditation and open to a knowing of what your Light may be.

Each of you is a unique being of Light in human form, so we cannot dictate  to you what this would mean to you individually. But we can offer some  guidance as to how you will know you have connected to your Light.

The most powerful indication will be if you have entered a state of peace and calm within your heart. If it is difficult for you to find peace and calm, inquire within your  heart to discover the cause of agitation. Then ask for healing from your Light and the beings of Light to release the agitation.

Most frequently the agitation is caused by fear of loss. At times there is  anger because of the fear. The human mind wishes to cling to control so  that one will not experience loss, and this desire for control as one  worries and is fearful is what most frequently blocks an experience of  the true nature of reality.

For you see, dear friends, there is only one way one can be in a true state of peace and calm and that is by letting go of all fears, worries, and concerns. Let go of control and surrender to this powerful Light flowing through your being.

There is only one truth to embrace: This Light that flows through you is omniscient and eternal. It has loved and cared for you always when you have allowed your  conscious mind to rest and, instead, trusted your Light within.

Return once more to your state of meditation until you see that you have  discovered peace and calm within. Be patient and have compassion for  self as you move through this process.

But simply finding what creates peace and calm within your heart will be the most powerful way of serving your Light.

As you create a life dedicated to peace and calm within, you will transform yourself -- and your world will transform as well.

This is how one moves with ease into accepting these new powerful frequencies that are available to you now.

It begins by serving your Light.

For Leia, she finds that sharing our words with you brings her great peace  and calm within. She is serving her Light in this manner.

You will find the path that will allow you to serve your Light.

Many Blessings of love and Light,

El Morya Khan



You Can't Have it Both Ways

By Sanat Kumara

Beloved Friends,

Yes, this one called Leia has made many requests to the realms of Light and  the beings of Light to aid her and all who dwell on your planet in this  time of great change and transformation of all and everything in your  portion of Creation.

When such a request is made, it is always answered. In every instance. But we have frequently found that although the request has been made in utmost sincerity, those invoking our help  and the help of the Light often do not believe or have expectations that the help will come.

And, even if there is an expectation of help, it is often already decided by the one invoking that the help should arrive in a certain manner in  order to be the help requested.

So, we offer our help, and upon request, proffer our help -- only to frequently find that it is not accepted.

Leia has learned to allow us to help. But now the help that she is  requesting is of such a powerful frequency that if she does not choose  to allow this Light to flow through her easily, she will experience  physical challenges such as the one she is currently having (the one you have called Parkinson's).

What we have aided her in comprehending is that this is not an illness as such, but an inability to release energetic toxins that are blocking this powerful flow of Light that she has requested for her and the Earth plane each day.

Now that she has realized that clearing herself of these energetic  blockages will release the physical difficulties, she is learning to let go of thoughts and ideas that are no longer useful to her health and  wellbeing.

Once she began this process, it was time for our Light to be shared with her at an even greater frequency to accelerate the healing process. This  allowed her to become even more aware of the areas where such energetic  blockages still occurred.

An example we offered was her request for peace and harmony for all of  planet Earth. We asked how this could be possible when, in her own home, she still chose to see those who are nearest and dearest as separate  from Leia and to be blamed for any emotional discomfort she chose to  experience.

If one is totally open to these powerful healing frequencies, then each and every being in one's universe will simply be a reflection of one's own Light and therefore to be viewed with a compassionate love that one would wish within oneself as well.

And so, the statement came to Leia during that session: "I cannot have it both ways."

She realized that she could not request this healing radiance to fill her  in an unencumbered fashion if she was not willing to share it  unequivocally with each and every being in her universe, whether they be in her own home or across the planet from her.

This is the same message that Leia has shared frequently from your great sage, Thich Nhat Hahn -- and the same powerful loving Light that fills this great soul is that which we offer.

If you welcome this frequency within your being, then it must flow  unencumbered, or you will experience physical discomfort. It is one way  or the other. It cannot go both ways.

This has been a great learning experience for Leia. For she wishes to attain complete wellness once again and has begun to realize that this  physical challenge, as is true for all physical challenges, has been a  great impetus for her to healing on all levels.

So, dear friends, we thank you for this opportunity to express our offering of this loving radiance to you as well. It is a powerful, loving Light  that when welcomed into your being can offer its radiance to all and  everything in your universe.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you at this time of great awakening and transformation for one and all.

Sanat Kumara


The "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

Commentary by Martin

We just had another channeling with Sanat Kumara in which he/she/it elaborated on the "four horsemen of the apocalypse"  (that phrase was used tongue in cheek) from a very clear perspective.  The channeling started with a lengthy discussion of the emotions and  thought forms that we had gone through around the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It ended with the insight that there are four inter-related thought  forms that are particularly wide-spread and destructive:

(1) Separation: the idea that anyone or anything is separate from anything else. We all come from the same Source. Everything is composed of the same  "substance"/Light and all is imbued with the same Divine Intelligence.  What happens to anyone of us happens to all.

(2) Superiority: the notion that any tradition, culture, ethnicity, belief system, or  way of life is superior/inferior. Since we are never separated from  anything or anyone we all carry all within us. No one is superior or  inferior. All exists as equal - that includes equal to SanatKumara.

(3) Judgments: thoughts of approval/disapproval, "good" or "bad" regarding self or  others. We like to believe that we are justified in our judgments and  beliefs, forgetting that what we dislike in others can readily be found  within ourselves. The playing field is level, and as much as we hate to  acknowledge it, we are all equal.

(4) Jealousy: the fear of not receiving all the attention, love, or recognition that  one "deserves" and the anger about others who seem to get what we crave. Jealousy (emotional) and greed (material) are both expressions of a  fear of lack. Both deny the abundance that is a hallmark of Creation.

When we give in to the thought forms and emotional programs listed above we  will inevitably experience fear, pain, and discomfort; they are  destructive. They clash with the higher-vibrational frequencies offered  to us by Infinite Source that broadcast the energies of oneness,  equality, non-judgment/acceptance, and abundance. We cannot have it both ways.It requires honesty, courage, and humility to face our shadow "programs"  before we can make room for the higher-vibrational Love from Infinite  Source that is offered to us without judgment or thought of separation.  This is the challenge we all face now. And as we bring greater healing  to ourselves, we bring greater healing to our universe.



Remembering Our True Vocation

Dear Friends,

The glory of autumn is upon us here in the Bavarian mountains. I've known  for days now that it was time to begin a new newsletter, but I have  wanted as much time as possible to revel in the beauty of this world  while invoking healing radiance for this planet that continues to  experience so much turmoil.

From our vantage point in this beautiful part of the world, it is hard to  conceive how the suffering continues to increase for so many.

We are acutely aware of what is occurring on the planet at this time, and  that has helped us to understand why we have chosen to be here on Earth  in human forms.

We are expressing gratitude for all the gifts of awareness that we have accepted from the Light and the beings of Light.

We have listened to the guidance to use our so richly-blessed existence as an opportunity to invoke the Light of Infinite Source and the beings of Light to help heal all of Mother Earth during this time of rapid  transformation and awakening.

As I walk through the fields and woods I see swirls of luminous Light  rising from the mountain tops and expanding across the globe. The daily  invocations are taking effect. As humanity goes through the throes of  releasing all third-dimensional thought forms, the Light is filling all  and everything at ever-increasing frequencies of luminous healing Light.

Everyone on Earth who is meditating and creating invocations of healing is contributing to the expansion of Light at this time.

It is a most important time to take part in creating this healing. Not  only for ourselves in our own lives, but for everyone everywhere.

We may wish to see everyone with whom we are connected enjoying the same  level of awakening, but it is most important that we honor everyone's  unique journey and return to the ultimate awareness that who we are and how we connect to our Light is the only focus that is crucial. How others respond to the  increased frequencies may not be as we might wish, but we must honor  their choices. We do not have the perspective to understand. We must let go and remain centered in our Light so we can continue to do what we  have agreed to do at this time.

When our hearts remain open to this Light, then we will have only compassion as we observe the choices that others may make.

We are not here to "fix" anyone. No one is "broken." We are simply here to remain in our own integrity as beings of Light in human form and have  compassion not only for our own confusion but the confusion of others  who may not have as yet achieved this awareness.

The main ingredients to keep us focused on our true vocation as beings of  Light in human form are practice, discipline, and trust.

We must remember each day that the time we sit in meditation and  invocation is the most important time we will spend that day. This is  our true vocation. However else we spend our time on Earth is our  avocation.

As we move through the day it is a discipline to remain mindful that we  are here as beings of Light in human form. When we choose to become  angry or frightened, then it is time to go back to sitting, meditating,  and invoking once again.

Ask for the Light to heal your confusion and trust that you will be healed and helped.

When you reach out to the Light and the beings of Light, they do respond.  The help comes. Trust that help and you will receive what is needed.

The world may appear in turmoil. That is what you see with your ego mind.

But when you open your heart, soul, and spirit to the Light that is filling everything you observe, then you will know that the healing has begun.

Accept this knowing, immerse yourself in this Light, and let peace fill your heart.

Many Blessings of Love and Light,

Linda and Martin



Ask for Help -- We are Here!

A Message from the Beings of Light*

 (* This is a collective message from the Beings of Light. You are  encouraged to think of a being that resonates with you personally as the source of this message.)

We know this is a difficult time for most of humanity and for many, many  other life forms as well. We are deeply connected to all of you. And  when you ask for assistance, no matter what form the request is made, we endeavor to connect our Light and healing frequencies with you in order to fulfill your request.

We say we are endeavoring to connect with you because we frequently find  that our efforts to be of assistance are not met with a welcoming  response. In fact, we often find that although a prayer or request has  been made, the intended receiver seldom believes that a response from  the Beings of Lights is forthcoming.

Now, Leia [Linda] has written about our guidance to transform one's thoughts of suffering, transmute the energy within these thoughts to a higher,  healing frequency and ask for help from the Beings of Light to aid you  in this process.

But as of today, we offer an additional message. Trust that we are here to help you.

We know that as you observe and/or experience the difficulties occurring  on the Earth at this time, such can appear overwhelming and frightening. Mother Earth is also moving further into an awakening process as well.  So, humanity is struggling with opposing forces as the Earth itself is  healing the difficulties it has been experiencing. The processes for  healing the Earth may involve inclement weather such as hurricanes and  tornadoes as well as Earth movements of various magnitudes.

As the Earth accelerates the rate of healing, those who are seeking to  harm one another will cease these activities in order to deal with the  far greater challenges that the Earth's healing process will present.

So you see, beloved friends, the problems you may perceive in your  personal lives at this time may ultimately be put in abeyance as you  address the need to be balanced and centered for the sake of being of  service to the Light and Mother Earth during this time of deep  transformation.

[In the introduction] Leia speaks of a need for mindfulness and her inability, at times, to stay balanced and centered.

And we speak of a simple process by which such mindfulness can be achieved.

As you notice the discomfort continue to remind yourself that when you  request help from the Beings of Light, the help will come.

But we cannot be of service if you do not welcome us after you have made the request.

Now, we know your minds will play with you and reiterate why your discomfort is justified. We have seen this response frequently in those who  request our aid. We understand that the human mind wishes to be right  and correct in all things.

To accept that perhaps this rich intelligence is not as wise as the higher consciousness that flows through your being -- giving you life -- is a  very hard concept for most to accept.

And yet, we will tell you that, indeed, there is and always has been an intelligence greater than your conscious ego mind.

It is the Light of Infinite Source that is flowing through your being in this very moment.

When you trust this consciousness and allow it to guide you to the balance  and harmony that you seek, then your suffering will cease.

The Earth will awaken into a new consciousness as well and you will be part of this flow of higher-vibrational Light that will fill all and  everything.

But first, we ask you to trust that we are here and we will help you. If you allow.



Dear Friends,

In addition to the recent publication of our latest book, But The Buddha Didn't Raise Children, we've been experiencing expansion and growth, as predicted, in many directions.

Martin is in the process of establishing an office near the clinic where he is currently working part-time to accommodate the private patients seeking his services. Our two younger children, Evan and Anya, are embarking on expansion in their lives as well. Evan just graduated from his regular  schooling and will begin an apprenticeship as an electrician. Anya will  be attending a boarding school for cooking and other household services  which will offer a wide choice of career options when she graduates in  three years.

These changes in our lifestyles will give me freedom to once again focus more fully on how I can be of greater service to the Light beyond our home.  Since the energies continue their dramatic increase in frequency,  healing and information has become even more easily accessible for all  of us.

For a couple of weeks now I had been hearing someone singing Guantanamera from the higher planes. This is a song I have always loved, so it was a pleasant distraction as I did my daily chores. I did not bother to take the time to think too deeply about why I was repeatedly hearing this  song. I simply thought it was because the World Cup was on and it is a  popular song during that event.

But then the World Cup ended and the song continued.

So, this morning I felt guided to look at Pete Seeger singing this song on  the "Smothers Brothers Show". This show was quite popular in the '60's  before pressure from advertisers caused it to be canceled. Seeger, who  had been blacklisted during the McCarthy area was a favored guest and  his Light shown brightly while he sang!

After Guantanamera ended, I watched him sing Where Have All the Flowers Gone?. This is another song he wrote and as he sang it, tears came to my eyes. I had always loved this song and had sung it frequently in my youth.

Then I remembered that Seeger had transitioned just a few months ago. I had  been deeply saddened by the loss of his beautiful Light upon the Earth  plane. Was that why I was hearing this song now? Duh!

Many Blessings of Light and Love,

Linda & Martin


Pete Seeger: The Real Show is Just Beginning

Yes, well, Hi Linda!

I'm so glad you finally figured out that I have been bothering you. An old  friend of mine, who is also an old friend of yours, welcomed me here and offered to show me around. Paul [Newman] is his name. You remember him, don't you?

Well, Paul finally got around to mentioning that you and he communicated and that you'd even written a couple of books with his help. My response was: "No fooling! Can we really do that?"  And he said, sure! But first he'd have to check if I could get through  to you, since you seem to be kind of picky about who you want to talk  to. I guess there're some folks here that aren't all that pleasant to  communicate with!

So, we came up with this plan. We checked on what music you enjoyed that  I'd sung when I was there, and let me tell you, the list is long! That  was nice to see.

I know you are already thinking about a lot of those songs, aren't you?  But I kind of like this song because it's pleasant and gentle and could  give you a peaceful feeling as you move through your busy day. And that  pretty much worked, didn't it?

And, as you know, everything you do there is designed to get you somewhere  else, so listening to me sing to you got you here! That's been very  pleasant for me to see because you know I clung to life for a good long  time because I felt I had more to say and didn't have enough time to say it all before I left there. So this is very nice to see that I can  still keep on talking!

And my goodness! I do have a lot to say! I thought I had a pretty good perspective on things when I was there,  but I have to admit that some of what I thought I can see was pretty  foolish.

First off, because I wasn't any good at following any religion, I had decided not to dwell on what happens once you die. So this here was quite a  surprise! Paul was actually one of the first ones to greet me because he thought I'd be comfortable hearing the news from him about how to get  around here. We were really united in our skepticism about religion's  take on things when we were there.

So, he immediately assured me that this was not a religious thing. No St.  Peter, no angels, and no hell unless I wanted any of that. And I didn't. So he said I could make this anything I wanted this to be. And so I  decided to check on all my family and acquaintances here and there and I was surprised to see the big fuss going on about me. And all this "rest in peace" stuff. Because in truth, I've never felt more alive!

See, that's the biggest surprise of all. There is more to life than life on  the Earth! It was actually a rather limiting place to be! First of all,  we are dragging around these heavy bodies that have so many needs. And  all those needs get in the way of just being who we truly are.

And we are so much more than those bodies with all those needs.

My music was all the food and shelter I needed, and yet there were always  folks around me telling me to eat, bathe, sleep, and for God's sake put  some clean clothes on!

Now, I'm not saying that life on Earth wasn't enjoyable for me. It most  certainly was. And it was very rewarding to be surrounded by so much  love and support for the work I had set out to do while I was there.

I often go back and visit those times now, but I'm seeing it all from a  different perspective here. And that's hard to explain. You see, all  that time I really was limiting myself by thinking that was all there  was to it. What you saw was what you got.

Now that I see it all through a different lens, or filter, or whatever you  want to call it, I see all those streams of energy and Light flowing  through everything and everyone. All that time I didn't really  understand what was making the music happen. I mean, even then I really  couldn't explain it. I often let the music do the talking because I  thought it was more effective in getting people to wake up than just  talking. But what was I asking them to wake up and hear?

I wanted everyone to celebrate life, treasure life, and treat each other  as friends instead of enemies and I thought music could help make that  happen. And I wasn't wrong about that. Not at all. But I didn't  understand music the way I do now. I wish I could have seen this  when I was alive. I wish I could have seen this magnificently beautiful  Light flowing through the music and filling people with its radiance. I  felt it. I felt something. But now I truly can see what that something is. And it is way beyond any song I could sing.

In fact, there is a music here. And once in awhile I touched some of those tones and let them through me. You know, all the musicians in the world know this. And it humbles us to think that something outside of us as  human beings is making the music happen. And when we realize that, it is humbling for us. Many have tried to explain it, but the words fail  them, so they just go back to making the music.

But the music, the sound, and the Light that flows with it rivals anything I ever experienced there.

However, there is some good news in that. And the good news is that now the  planet is absorbing more of this magnificent Light that I can see  clearly now, the sound, the music is coming too. That is why it was so  very easy for Linda to hear me sing to her.

There are many more voices here, even better than mine, that want to sing to all of you. The real show is just beginning and it's way better than any concert you've ever seen.

Are you ready, as Ed Sullivan would say, for "a really big show"?

Well, let me tell you, that show is about to open and you are all part of it. It's really all just beginning and I'm so happy that I can tell you  about it.

Get your ticket, take your seat, open your ears, and hear the sweet sounds  of this glorious universe fill you and bring you to your feet so you can stamp, cheer, and applaud.

It's all just beginning now. And I'm so glad I didn't go anywhere so I can be part of this.

It's an amazing time to be alive. And yes, I'm still alive.

So, thank you Linda.

Hope we can meet again.

July 21, 2014

Pete Seeger



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