Ascended Masters Newsletters

Many of our readers have asked for past issues or an archive of our newsletters. In response, we have edited and compiled all previously published newsletters – which number over 120 at this time – into volumes to make them instantly available to all. They can be downloaded as E-Books in the format you like for US$ 3.99 per volume.

Rereading the material has convinced us that the newsletters are a treasure trove of profound information that is crucial at this time of accelerated and all-encompassing change. The information and guidance provided by the loving Beings of Light is valuable, useful, and timeless.

Volume I

Please note that the newsletters #1 through #10 were included in the appendix of “Navigating the Fourth Dimension” and #11 through #18 were included in the appendix of “Dispelling the Illusions of Aging and Dying.”

#1: Know the Power of Your Light in this Sacred Time
#2: Are Your Hearts Open, Beloved Children?
#3: In the Light of War
#4: Now is the Time to Heal Your History
#5: A Message from the Christos
#6: A Message from St. Germain
#7: Releasing Your Past – Accepting Your Light: A
Message from the Christos
#8: St. Germain on Abundance (and Marriage)
#9: Aggression, Anger, Fear, and Speaking Your Truth
#10: Realize Your Sovereignty as Co-Creators of Your
 #11: You Are Multi-dimensional Beings of Light
#12: Third vs. Fourth Dimension & Mindfulness vs.
#13 & 14: Questions and Answers
#15: Chakras and Dimensions
#16: The Issue of Abundance and the Needs of the Planet
#18: Illusion and Reality

Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. I, E-Book, US$3.99


Volume II

# 19: All Paradigms are Dissolving: The Example of Money
# 20: The Concepts of Transformation and Change
# 21: Are You Living Your Life to the Fullest?
# 22: Reality and Change
# 23: The Light is the Heartbeat of Your Universe
# 24: Let Go
# 25: What is Needed Now?
# 26: "Why"? On the Occasion of Hurricane Katrina
# 27: The Art of Manifestation
# 30: Compassion in a Time of Change
# 31: A Message worth Repeating
# 33: Have Compassion for Your Addictions
# 36: Connecting With Your "Home Base"
# 37: All Still Remains in Perfect Order
# 38: Releasing the Hold of Your Ego Mind
# 39: Great Expectations

Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. II, E-Book, US$3.99


Volume III

# 41: Living in the Past and in the Future
# 43: The Properties of Gratitude
# 44: Confusion and Misunderstandings
# 45: The World of Magical Thinking
# 46: Trust and Let Go of Fear
# 47: A New Template
# 48: The Change is Now
# 49: Sovereignty and Moderation -- Balance and Harmony
# 50: Everything and Everyone is Your Creation
# 52: Thinking Outside the Box
# 60: Change is in the Air -- A Lunar Eclipse
# 61: Let Go of the Need to Judge
# 63: The Time of Great Transformation
# 64: The Question of St. Germain and the Great Beings of Light
# 66: It Is Time to Clear All Your Karma
# 67: Do Not Take Sides
# 68: As You Change So Does Your Universe

Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. III, E-Book, US$3.99


Volume IV

# 71: Two Messages from St. Germain
# 72: Experiencing Gratitude and Love in a Time of Change
# 73: It is Your Choice How You Learn the Lesson
# 74: You are Cared for -- Now and in Every Moment
# 75: The Light of This Time
# 76: Examining Your Beliefs about Healing and Suffering
# 77: It is the Time of the Clearing of Karma -- the Balancing Has Begun
# 81: Trusting the Perfection as it Flows
# 83: An Offer of Guidance and Help
# 84: Change and Gratitude
# 85: A Personal Experience
# 87: Why Do "Bad" Things Happen to "Good" People?
# 88: Miracles of Healing are Possible
# 90: A Christmas Message from John Lennon
# 93: ALL Beliefs are Illusory
# 94: Aligning with the Light of Infinite Source
# 96: "Unglaublich"

Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. IV, E-Book, US$3.99

Volume V

# 97: An Affirmation of Surrender
# 98: "Interesting Times"
# 100: Health and Well-being are the Reality
# 101: Death is the Primary Illusion
# 103: The Solution to Any Problem: Focus on the Light!
# 104: A Message from Krishna
# 105: Compassion in the Face of Suffering
# 106: Multi-dimensional Experiences
# 107: Co-Creating with Every Breath, in Every Moment
# 108: The Gift of Manifestation
# 109: Instead of Worry, Focus on Your Light
# 110: Let Go of the Need for "Karmic Experiences"
# 111: What is Going to Happen in the Future?
# 112: Weather & Middle East: The Universe is Your Creation
# 113: Awakening into Sovereignty: The Next Step
# 118: Messages from St. Germain and Arcturus
# 119: Miracles are Possible
# 120: The Root Cause of Misery

Ascended Masters Newsletters, Vol. V, E-Book, US$3.99



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