Beyond Psychotherapy


Beyond Psychotherapy: Introduction to Pychoenergetic Healing, by Martin F. Luthke, Ph.D. & Linda Stein-Luthke

Beyond Psychotherapy shows you how to work effectively with healing energies to heal…

> Body, mind, and spirit
> Past life trauma
> Anxiety, anger, addictions, depression
> Pain and other physical complaints
> Relationship issues
> Past and present experiences
> Spiritual crises

You will learn about the theoretical foundations of energy healing, specific techniques and applications, and the risks and benefits of becoming a healer. Clearly and concisely written, Beyond Psychotherapy offers profound and practical information for anyone interested in energy-based healing methods. This book also is the textbook for students of Psychoenergetic Healing.

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About the Authors

Psychoenergetic Healing: A Brief Introduction

PART I: Metaphysical Foundations of Psychoenergetic Healing

Chapter 1: Fundamental Premises

Chapter 2: The Multidimensional Nature of Human Beings

Chapter 3: The Grand Scheme, Reincarnation, and Karma

Chapter 4: Co-creation and Manifestation

Chapter 5: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing

PART II: The Practice of Psychoenergetic Healing

Chapter 6: The Nature of Inner Space

Chapter 7: The Structure of Psychoenergetic Healing Sessions

Chapter 8: A Sample Session

Chapter 9: Accessing Inner Space

Chapter 10: Navigating Inner Space

Chapter 11: Typical Perceptions in Inner Space

Chapter 12: Simple and Crystallized Energy Blocks

Chapter 13: How to Deal with Energy Blocks

Chapter 14: Specific Techniques to Facilitate Healing

Chapter 15: Closure and Integration

Chapter 16: Homework and Aftercare

Chapter 17: Specific Applications of Psychoenergetic Healing

Chapter 18: Absentee Healing of Others and of Extended Situations

Chapter 19: Healing of Relationships

Chapter 20: The Issue of Psychic Hygiene

Chapter 21: Miscellaneous Topics

Chapter 22: Complementary Healing Techniques

PART III: Becoming a Psychoenergetic Healer

Chapter 23: Training in Psychoenergetic Healing

Chapter 24: Risks and Benefits of Becoming an Energetic Healer

Chapter 25: The Process of Transformation and Change


Appendix A: Energy Psychology -- A Synopsis

Appendix B: Reading Suggestions

Appendix C: Other Books by the Authors

216 pages

ISBN 0-9656927-4-4

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