Angels &  Other Beings of Light

Angels E-Book CoverAngels and Other Beings of Light: They are Here to Help You! By Linda Stein-Luthke & Martin F. Luthke, Ph.D.

A channeled discourse from the Ascended Master St. Germain discussing the concepts of angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, soul mates, Twin Flame, and other beings of Light. The master explains who they are, what their purpose is, how to contact them and actively work with them, and how to experience your Higher Self.

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Chapter 1: What is the Light?

Chapter 2: Am I Worthy of the Light?

Chapter 3: How do I Begin to Contact the Beings of Light?

Chapter 4: Sit and Be Still

Chapter 5: Who Will Come to Me?

Chapter 6: Archangels and Angels

Chapter 7: Beings of Light -- Ascended Masters

Chapter 8: Disembodied Beings of Light and "Guardian Angels"

Chapter 9: Twin Flame and Soul Mates

Chapter 10: Knowing Your Higher Self

Appendix A: Suggested Readings

Appendix B: Publications from Expansion Publishing

86 pages

ISBN 0-9656927-3-6

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